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Tue 14 Jul 2009 in 51,11:
51.1064036, 11.9918096

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The hash was located in the middle of a field, but Manu wanted to try to visit it anyway, because Kroko (her more than 20 year old hashcot) had never been on a geohashing expedition before! Manu came from work in Leipzig and wanted to go to the cinema in Jena later in the evening - so she had to hurry. Fortunately the geo hash wasn't too far away from the motorway and soon she parked her car west of the hash point, but there was no chance to access the field. She did not want to give up and so she continued to the northern corner of the field where she found the tracks of a big agricultural vehicle. She could easily walk in these gangways and reached the coordinates after a long walk through the high cereals (of course without trampling them down). Kroko was really happy (see him proudly presenting the GPS device). Then they went back the way they came, drove to Jena and Manu did not miss the movie.