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Fri 23 Sep 2011 in 51,11:
51.0588034, 11.7900782

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At the edge of a harvested field between Aue and Molau (Saxony-Anhalt).


Expedition: Manu[edit]

Due to maintenance there was a power off at Manu's work allowing her to go home after lunch. Of course she drove to Jena, passing the hash in a small distance. As the weather was so beautiful, she parked the car near Aue and walked to the geo hash accompanied by ​​two hashcots. The way wasn't far (about 250 m) and getting to the coordinates was quite easy. Finding material for a propper marker was much more difficult... Manu collected everything she found and put it together (in order to leave a mark for Juja). Afterwards she drove to Jena and enjoyed the weekend.

Expedition: Juja[edit]

Juja had to work until it was evening, so she started her tour a little later - so late that she barely made it to the point for sunset and had to cycle a good part of her way home in darkness again. Nothing much to tell - nice evening trip, easy location, so let's enjoy the weekend now!


Coordinates reached for Manu.  
Paul and Nanole at the geo hash.  
Road to Aue.  
Hash marker.  
Coordinates reached for Juja.  
Frankie found Manu's perfect Hash mark.  
Sunset at the Geohash point.  
Welcome back on the streets of Thuringia... (inside joke)