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Tue 22 May 2012 in 51,11:
51.0074559, 11.4330666

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In a field near Ulrichshalben.


Juja will cycle there briefly between work and upcoming evening amusements. Might be unreachable, but the weather's gonna be nice and my bike wants to have some fun, so let's give it a try anyway.



The Geohash point was not very far from another point I'd visited in January on my lovely old bike, so I planned kind of a commemoration tour going exactly the same way to the point today. Only it was like 40 degrees warmer this time - it's quite funny to sweat like mad and at the same time remember how you half froze to death on that very same spot four months before.

As I had already suspected the point lay 170 meters into a field (of rapeseed). I tried to walk a tractor track that led in there, but the plants were already grown up to my shoulders and after a short way the track became impassable, so I decided to give up at 130 meters distance and call it a day. Hans, who went along in the backpack, didn't even bother to have a look.

For the way back I ignored the commemoration plans and used some unknown dirt tracks instead that promised some more fun for me and my bike. Went by the whistled soundtrack of "Fields of Joy" and was back home after 45 kms.


The way to the January Hash that was covered in snow and ice then.  
The lovely hash field - somewhere in there it is.  
Up to my shoulders in rapeseed...  
...so I gave up at 130 meters distance.