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Tue 20 Sep 2011 in 51,11:
51.0429848, 11.4303976

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On a (probably muddy) field near Goldbach, some kilometers in the North of Apolda.


  • Juja with Benjy and Frankie Mouse


Once again I tried to trick Jens with my 10-km-beeline-stories, and he really seemed to fall for the same trick again - but since he was so fed up with my hash tours after our last expedition, I had to think of a very clever trick to make him stay at home this time. So I made an appointment for the evening, told him I could not visit the hash and then this appointment was luckily cancelled and I could go myself. No, sorry, I really didn't know it would turn out this way, and so I was not so well prepared myself: in full working clothes, with nothing to drink and a heavy backpack (which at least contained hashcots and a camera), I started this bike ride to Goldbach (60 kms complete tour) where I found the hash point in the golden evening sun on a less golden mud field, and using at least one unknown road to Oßmannstedt and back home where shower, food and beer were already waiting.


View to the hash - like always, in the middle of the mud.  
My bike prefers to wait for me at the edge of the field.  
Coordinates reached!  
Benjy and Frankie are riding my bike home.  

Lessons learned[edit]

  • Don't do 50 km bike rides in jeans and with a heavy backpack on your shoulders if you can help it.
  • Never use this damned road between Jena and Apolda for longer than is absolutely necessary (and it isn't necessary at all). Man, you can be scared to death there even if the cars don't actually hit you!