2011-05-05 51 11

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Thu 5 May 2011 in 51,11:
51.1680869, 11.5890176

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On a field near Pleismar, Saxony-Anhalt.



In the morning, Reinhard brought his car to a garage for a bigger inspection and could convince the salesman to let him test-drive the brand-new Ford Focus. Since he only could use it for 100 km, he couldn't visit Manu in Leipzig. :-( Adding the distances between garage, work, home and garage, there were about 66 km left for more gratuitous fun of driving.

As the 51 11 hashpoint was a 62 km round-trip from Reinhard's home, it became a must-go right away. Though 182 hp might not sound exceedingly eco-friendly, Reinhard somehow had his fun. ;-)

He could drive as close as 200 m to the hashpoint and walked the rest along tractor lanes into the field.


Entering destination coordinates.  
Last km on a small raod.  
Parking 200 m from the hashpoint.  
The Hash Test Car.  
Coordinates reached.  
Kriko and Bobbele.  
They all with the hash car in the back.  
Village of Pleismar.