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Fri 19 Aug 2011 in 51,11:
51.0815676, 11.5611858

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On a harvested field near Auerstedt in Thuringia.



After a rainy day in Jena, the sun finally came out few hours before sunset and Manu felt like doing a two-hour cycling trip and could convice Reinhard to accompany her (Truly, that's how it went!). While watching out for some unexplored bikeways, they got to Eberstedt, from where a dirty field path was leading uphill and as close as 160 m to the hashpoint. The remaining distance was even easier to cycle on a tractor lane into a recently harvested field with lots of bales of straw, which appeared in a beautiful golden color shade in the golden setting sun. After showing the borrowed sheep the hash surroundings, they went on to Auerstedt, where they found a nice bikeway to Bad Sulza and got back to Cospeda, already in the dark.


The field path from Eberstedt.  
BFX-Manu. (bicycle field crossing)  
Coordinates reached.  
The sheep on a rolling cow (Rollkuh aka Strohballen (bale of straw)).  
Reinhard, sheep and Manu at the hashpoint.  
It cycled all the way with Reinhard in the backpack (not shown).  
Hash pano.