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Wed 30 Sep 2009 in 51,11:
51.0357456, 11.4944536

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The hashpoint was located at the edge of Niederroßla near Apolda, which isn't more than a 14 km ride (each direction) from Reinhard's home. Reinhard didn't hurry at all after coming home from work, as it would be getting dark anyway. After having a small bowl of breakfast cereals, he started sometime after 8 pm and took the direct route. As expected, the hashpoint lay on a meadow that was easy to reach and not far from some commercial buildings. Reinhard found the exact spot and took some photos in the dark.

After that, he quickly rode on to explore some "new" road-bikeable roads, of which most were relatively good concrete slab paths. Some drizzle began, but it wasn't enough to reveal, whether Reinhard's new waterproof jacket was as good as its reputation. When Reinhard was already on the way back after 40 km, suddenly he noticed a flat rear tire. Light conditions were bad, so it took him a while to fix it (by changing the tube) and especially to get the wheel and the chain back into their places without knotting them. Apart from Reinhard's very dirty hands, it all went well, so that Reinhard could go on. Coming closer to home he got more and more hungry and hence weak, which is always the unpleasant part of an evening bike trip without a good dinner before. It was nearly midnight, when Reinhard got home after 69 km (approx. 800 m ascent) and enjoyed his well-deserved frozen pizza.