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Sat 5 Mar 2011 in 51,11:
51.0751054, 11.4224241

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On a probably dirty, muddy field north of Apolda, near the village of Oberreißen.


Jens and Juja will cycle there after breakfast, expecting to arrive about lunchtime. We won't make it to the regular Saturday meetup time, but cake is waiting at home and that's more important.


Expedition: Jens and Juja[edit]

Looks like today it's time for my this-years-hashpoint. Juja told me on Friday, it’s 20km bee-line from home, not to bad for a comfortable Saturday morning bike tour. So we started at 10 o’clock, left Jena and climbed up to Cospeda. Somewhere around Cospeda we met a very kind and polite person. Annoyingly today was carnival, and this kind and polite person was dressed as choleric jogger. And he played his role extremely convincing. It all started with that kind of misunderstanding when 2 persons move towards each other and can’t decide who has to runaround left and who right. Juja and our polite friend had such a meeting, they stopped and nothing else happened. Nothing? Well, he suddenly remembered his disguise as choleric madman and began to go psycho. Fortunately he wasn’t dressed as Michael Myers, I think, we wouldn’t have survived this. The rest of the way to the hashpoint was quite normal. A quarter to 12 we arrived at a muddy field in the middle of nowhere – where else could the point be located – took some photos, supported by our Ninja tripod and had a little snack. On our way back home we decided to avoid boring Apolda. Instead of this we added a pinch of culture to our tour by watching Goethes summer house for approximately 30 seconds (when driving past) in Weimar. Thanks to this extension the pronounced 20km bee-line tour finally got a length of 72km.


Hashpoint reached.  
Räbe and Hans sitting on the point.  
Our bikes, waiting near the road...  
...where we soon sat down and had a picnic.  
Almost back home, our last pause at Mellingen.