2014-08-02 51 11

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Sat 2 Aug 2014 in Halle (Saale):
51.9228439, 11.4103215

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Today's location is in a harvested corn field near Egeln.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt, EU:DE:ST); district: Salzlandkreis

Weather: sunny, hot (~27°C in the not-availabe shade)



This is part three of a Triple Hash:

Coming from the 51 10 hashpoint I drove along the B6 federal road, which in this region is in excellent condition. After passing Wernigerode I changed onto the B81 to Halberstadt and not much later I was at Egeln. I stopped the car at a field track near the hashpoint but then I saw that a tractor with trailers was standing only 30 meters further on that track, the driver talking to a guy on a moped. I didn't want to block the track for the guys who produce my food so I drove back towards another field track where I found enough space to park and still let tractors past. Then I walked along a very long hedge next to another harvested field. There were many mirabelle trees both of the yellow and the dark variety in that hedge, bearing lots of fruit. Somehow it didn't occur to me to eat any, although they looked ripe, many even had fallen to the ground. I guess it was a combination of the heat, my tiredness and wanting to get to the hashpoint. After a while I reached the field track that would lead to the hashpoint from the north. Even from afar I could see the tractor standing now on that track, next to a field where a combine harvester was reaping corn. It looked like the tractor was very close to the hashpoint, but that was only the perspective, it was at the intersection of the field track with the one I had tried to use first. I walked past it like I belonged there, then the last 100 meters along the track until I was as close as possible to the hashpoint. This hashfield also was harvested so I could walk the last meters to the spot, which was a bit boring. The field was full of big round straw bales, but around the hashpoint there was none, it almost looked like somebody had removed one. I didn't stay long, walking towards my car soon after taking my pictures. Then I drove towards Staßfurt, where I didn't find the cheap gas station my phone had told me about. Soon after I was on the Autobahn, from where I drove to Dresden. In total the journey with the three hashpoints took 8.5 hours and I was very tired when I arrived.

This is the third successful hashpoint on that day.

Danatar earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching 3 hash points on 2014-08-01. It's a Triple Hash.
not far now  
almost there  
hashfield with straw bales  
the hashpoint, coordinates reached #3  
Scott in a more interesting part of the field  
mirabelle plums  
mirabelle plums, dark variety  


triton tracklog for 51 10 and 51 11