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Sun 20 Mar 2011 in 51,11:
51.3877725, 11.6268758

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For a change, the hashpoint was on a field near Querfurt.


Get there and have a look at (supposedly) beautiful Querfurt (the old part) and castle.



Again, this was a bit of driving, so this was a sunday excursion rather than "simple" hashing. Also, again, we had a really nice spring day after starting in cloudy weather. We drove past Querfurt nearing the hash. There we stopped the car next to the state road and walked towards the geohash.

Alas, while looking like a completely normal thuringia field, it wasn't: This actually was a pasture, with rather short (mown) grass- and dry! Yakamoz didn't quite share my complaints, but I consider geohashing in thuringia cheating if it doesn't contain completely sodden shoes. Still, after yesterdays small disappointment, this meant easy success and there was no need for a bad conscience for damaging fresh seedlings or some such. Shot the usual photos and went to visit the castle and have coffee in Querfurt.

Querfurt is quite nice, but the castle is really a sight- it is in quite good condition, the "Paris Tower" is climbable, giving a nice panorama view and all in all, this made geo hashing worthwhile, again- I would never have visited the castle or yesterday's attractions without geo hashing, yet these "points of interest" were definitely more interesting than the hash points themselves.

Geo hashing is what you make of it- and given today's fuel prices, you'd better make the best out of it, if the hash point isn't located in your momma's kitchen garden. ;)

The way back was uneventful besides me ignoring my car navigation unit at some point- I knew from yesterday that one road indicated would lead me onto one mile of cobble stones and tried avoiding that.

I (un)happily drove over four miles of cobble stones a short time later, swearing to not ever ignore that lady's voice again. Probably. My request for a future Hash Rover purchase was not cleared despite all this.



Land achievement, will add later.