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Sat 4 Jan 2014 in 51,11:
51.1753189, 11.6164718

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Near the small village Dietrichsroda; at the edge of some woods next to a field.



The plan was to take the train to Großheringen and take my bike for the rest. The bycicle routing on Google maps showed a nice 14 km route that avoided federal roads.


After an uneventful train ride, I started off through the vineyards of Bad Sulza, which had more steep inclines than I had expected. Then I rode through several small villages, including Burgheßler and Klosterhäseler. Shortly before I reached the hashpoint, I had to climb another serpentine road with some rather steep parts.

When I approached the hashpoint at the top of the hill, I thought at first that I wouldn't reach the point, because the only way to get there was through a plowed field, which was way too muddy. But then I discovered that I could walk at the edge between field and woods, where the mud wasn't quite so bad. I followed that edge for 200 meters or so. The actual hashpoint was maybe 25 meters into the woods. I had planned to leave a charcoal mark, but discovered that I had forgotten my charcoal pencil, so I just took some photographs and left.

On the way back I managed to reach the Großheringen train station two minutes before the next train left. This was very lucky, because the train only goes every two hours.


Looking back to the road I came from. 
Looking towards Dietrichsroda. 
Looking towards the hashpoint. 
Slightly blurry proof. 


Since this was my first geohash, I think this also earned me the land geohash achievement

ScepticAnna earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, 11) geohash on 2014-01-04.