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Sun 4 May 2014 in 51,11:
51.5653046, 11.9848886

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Hash is on a field near Teicha and close to the Autobahn A14.




As always. Take my bike, get as close a possible. Walk the rest. Have a fun exercise.


Today it was cloudy again but additionally it was also cold. I only wear a T-Shirt and a coat which was a little cold in the beginning. The Hash lies close to a path to a route I took before to reach another hash so I wouldn't need to much orientation breaks.

At first I had to go all the way through Halle and took my first picture leaving Halle. I quickly reached field with the hash and decided to go to the northern edge and try to enter the wield green area from there to get close to the hash before stepping on the field.

Unfortunately I saw fences but decided to try my luck and hoped for holes in the fence or that it might not go as far. I found a small trail which I followed for 2meters and got lucky. The fence ended. It was not used to protect the field but some young trees right next to it. So i walked back a little bit on the edge of the field till I was as close as possible to the coordinates and then entered the field.

I took some pictures. This time (not as on my other trip) the weather conditions allowed a nice picture of the Petersberg, which was close by. I took a couple more pictures and decided to go for the hunter high level (google translated that word) which I discovered close by. I climbed up and felt a little insecure even tho it was in good condition. But I'm always a chicken if I do potentially dangerous stuff, when by myself. :)

So I took two pictures in direction of Halle. On the first one you can see a power plant which I passed by and photographed on my geohashing trip from April. After that I went back to Halle and decided to discover some areas where I haven't been before and came by a funny placed commercial from a housing corporation. Took a short picture and back home I was. A good 30km trip in not so nice weather conditions but still a nice exercise.