2009-11-07 51 11

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Sat 7 Nov 2009 in 51,11:
51.1274876, 11.7789729

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Reinhard planned to cycle from Jena to Leipzig on Saturday morning, using the route via Naumburg and Merseburg. When he looked up Saturday's coordinates on Friday evening, he was happy to see, that he would pass the 51 11 hashpoint by only 560 m. Worth a very short detour, though the hashponit looked to be far into a field.

Reinhard started his bike trip on Saturday at 08:24 and arrived near the hashpoint at 09:33 after 33 km. As expected the hashpoint was 190 m away from the road in a muddy field. It wouldn't have been impossible to go there, but Reinhard thought that geohashing was fun, so he decided to keep his shoes clean this time and just take a picture of the field. After that, he rode on to Leipzig, where he got at 12:20 after 103 km.