2009-07-16 51 11

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Thu 16 Jul 2009 in 51,11:
51.0361713, 11.8285036

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Reinhard assumed that this expedition could end without success, because as usual the hashpoint lay in a field. But the weather was nice and Reinhard had nothing special to do in the evening after work, so he started his expedition around 6 pm in Jena. After 35 km he got near the hash on a field path, but saw that he would have to cross a cereal field to get into the deep maize (I think that's what it was.) field. That would mean more than 100 m of trampling on food, which Reinhard wasn't going to do. So he continued his bike trip, taking a longer way back as always and enjoyed the warm summer evening. After 91 km he was back at work and drove the last 5 km home.