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Helsinki, Finland

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Friday 2015-03-06 60.2340762, 24.2575012

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Saturday 2015-03-07 60.3729893, 24.0380743

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Sunday 2015-03-08 60.6103293, 24.4214581

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Monday 2015-03-09 60.5389792, 24.5643016

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Tampere Kangasala Jämsä
Salo Helsinki Vantaa
Tammisaari Tallinn, Estonia Tapa, Estonia

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Today's Location: [Helsinki]

[edit] About

The Helsinki graticule is at latitude 60, longitude 24.

It includes two of the largest cities in Finland, the capital Helsinki and the second largest city Espoo. The 25 degree line runs through Helsinki, so that the eastern suburbs are in the Vantaa graticule. Parts of the city of Vantaa is also included in this graticule, but majority of it is in a graticule of it's own. Finland's largest airport, the Helsinki-Vantaa airport is situated in this graticule. Majority of this graticule consists of rural area, with some larger urban settlements such as Kirkkonummi, Hämeenlinna and Vihti.

Note that the graticule is somewhat distorted due to the "proximity" of North Pole.

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