2008-06-08 60 24

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Sun 8 Jun 2008 in 60,24:
60.0475817, 24.2309159

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The Destination[edit]

The site was located in water near a small cape in town of Inkoo, a place known for its beautiful archipelago and coastline. Aerial photo of the area was not very accurate, but we decided to try to go to the location to get a picture of the small island which was located near today's location. There was about 6km drive from main roads through small roads to get near the site. We were lucky to have a proper GPS navigator with us because there were a lot of tiny roads and a lot of turns along the way. When we got to the point, we almost walked through some man's yard, and thought that we shouldn't interrupt he while he was warming up his sauna. When we tried to flank our way cunningly to a rock to find a place to get some nice pictures, we saw a woman with her kids watching the sea at a rock in a place where we wanted to be. We didn't want to disturb them either, but as there were kids out playing and it was almost 11pm, the situation got us a bit scared (at this point, our imagination won rational thinking, "they looked like goddamn ghosts"). Incoming thunderstorm with lightings flashing in the horizon wasn't easing our intimidated feeling. As we weren't able to reach the beach we wanted to, we backed up a little and took some photos where we could and then sorted out as fast as we could. :)

Note: Afterwards, when I looked at some maps of the area, I noticed that there are some ancient burial sites at the destination (how convenient - creepy factor just went off the charts). And seems like I had photographed one of those graves by accident. So, there's now one picture down there.

The Group[edit]