2009-04-04 60 24

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Sat 4 Apr 2009 in Helsinki:
60.3420643, 24.9893883

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The Location[edit]

In Tuusula, about 1 km from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The point was in someone's back yard.

The Participants[edit]

The Expedition and Photos[edit]

Before embarking on my journey, I checked the location on Google Maps. Based on the map I suspected that the point might be in a residential area, but due to clouds in the aerial image I wasn't completely sure. I took my trusted bike and went out and checked (ca. 20 km trip), and sure enough the point was in the middle of a cluster of houses lying "in the middle of nowhere". Since I didn't want to disturb the residents I only got about 45 m from the point.

In addition to the bad luck with the location, the weather was also unfriendly, light/medium rain and +4°C temperature. Luckily most of the snow had melted away although there was still plenty of snow in shady places.