2012-10-11 60 24

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Thu 11 Oct 2012 in 60,24:
60.1856507, 24.6800425

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Forest in Espoo Central Park. Very easy to reach, the nearest gravel bike trail is about 20 m from the hash and the area is a recreational area free for everyone to go to.


Tilley's brother.


Tilley: I noticed this hashpoint was less than 15 km from all my three brothers' houses and definitely accessible. I tried to agitate them to make a little adventure and get me a Puppet Master achievement. I myself was at my home about 350 km away.


Querying the first two brothers didn't yield results, but the third one accepted the challenge! He was going to go there by bike and get some exercise at the same time (this I was counting on from the beginning).

He said he was going to get there right after work and expected the trip to take one to two hours. However, when I didn't hear from him whole evening, I was a bit worried. Did he get lost in the woods or something? At least I knew where to send rescue teams if that was the case. :)

Fortunately, all was well and when he 21 o'clock responded to my messages I heard he had successfully reached the hashpoint! He said he got lost a couple of times in the maze of hiking trails and cycled a total of 30 km to get there and back, but found the spot.

When writing this report, I noticed there had been 2 years and 1 day since the last expedition in this graticule. About time to revive it!



Tilley earned the Puppet Master Geohash achievement
by manipulating his brother to reach the (60, 24) geohash on 2012-10-11.
2012-10-11 60 24 Tilleys puppet.JPG
Tilley's brother earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 30 km to and from the (60, 24) geohash on 2012-10-11.
2012-10-11 60 24 Tilleys puppet.JPG