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Physicist and xkcd fan starting geohashing 6 years after reading the strip number 426.

First expedition: Helsinki graticule 2014-09-04 60 24: 60.2273697, 24.9763615

Second one: 2014-09-05 60 23

Third : 2014-09-26 60 22

Fourth: 2014-09-30 60 24

Fifth: 2014-10-10 60 24

The game of darts with some (currently unregistered) friends did not end as expected (I lost)

I have made every now and then new ventures to geohashes after 2014, but without new graticules I haven't documented them here. Today, on 7th of May 2016, Saturday and the eve of mother's day, I took my kids and something to eat and headed to my first official xkcd meetup 2016-05-07 60 24 since the hash was available and we did not have anything else, a rare occasion on Saturdays. We were at the hash at 16.00 and stayed for a while, but no one else showed up. We had fun without other hashers but I was a tad disappointed. I'll try to reach another Saturday meetup sooner than in 2018.