2010-10-01 60 24

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Fri 1 Oct 2010 in Helsinki:
60.1304542, 24.0668792

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In the woods close to a field in the rural area in Inkoo.




I've never done geohashing before.... but done lots of geocaching. Today's geohashing point was in a reachable place, so I persuaded Jojuu Sr & Jr to join me for this expedition.

Left at 6.30 pm knowing that we had dayling just for an hour and a half. We drove 33,5 kms to reach 450 meters to the hash point. So the total driving was 67 kms.

We walked on a field (that had been harvested) to get under 40 meters from the point and walked the last meters in the woods.

Reached successfully the right spot at 7.16 pm.

Afterwards we found three geocaches relatively close by.