Vantaa, Finland

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Friday 2015-02-27 60.2028909, 25.9041980

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Saturday 2015-02-28 60.5330389, 25.7681674

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Sunday 2015-03-01 60.9960394, 25.8743223

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Monday 2015-03-02 60.8833813, 25.4709460

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Kangasala Jämsä Heinola
Helsinki Vantaa Kotka
Tallinn, Estonia Tapa, Estonia Rakvere, Estonia

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Today's Location: [Vantaa]

[edit] About

The Vantaa graticule is at latitude 60, longitude 25.

It includes Finland's fourth largest city, Vantaa. As the 25 degree line cuts through Helsinki, some eastern parts of Helsinki are also included. Other notable towns in this graticule are Lahti, Finland's seventh largest city, and Porvoo, which is the second oldest city in Finland (after Turku).

Most of the graticule is forest or fields. Also approximately a fifth is taken up by the Baltic Sea.

Note that the graticule is somewhat distorted due to the "proximity" of North Pole.
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[edit] Notable Dates

Kliment earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (60, 25) graticule, here, on 2008-06-28.