2009-09-12 60 24

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Sat 12 Sep 2009 in Helsinki:
60.2911593, 24.4800235

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The Location[edit]

In a forest in Kirkkonummi, a few kilometers from Siikajärvi.

The Participants[edit]

The Expedition and Photos[edit]

This time I had a choice between either going east to the neighboring graticule, or west to the hash point in my own graticule since both were almost equally far away (about 37 km by bike). The Vantaa hashpoint seemed more likely to lie in someone's back yard, so I chose to go the other one, even if the route there was more boring. Going by bike, most of the trip was simply following a few of the bigger roads. The last part however ended up being a bit trickier, since I had not expected some of the roads to be private. Even though it is permissible to bike on private roads I tend to avoid it due to ignorant land owners, so I ended up walking about 500m through the forest to reach the hash point.

It seemed like it was summer all over again, the weather was great, the sun shone and it was warm and nice. Soon however clouds started to form, and not long after that the first drops began to fall. Luckily it was just a short rain shower, and after taking cover I could continue after about 10 minutes. On the way back it also rained for a while.