2008-10-05 60 24

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Sun 5 Oct 2008 in Helsinki:
60.2982837, 24.4885109

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The location is in Nuuksio National Park. It is close to (or at) good mushroom places and thus familiar territory for Stebu.


Mikkozzz introduced me to this game by placing a geo cache close to 2008-10-01_60_24. It was a mystery cache, where you had to discover the secrets of geohashing in order to find the palce. A friend showed me Mikkozzz's epedition, so I searched the box before it was published at GC.com.

So when today's point fell on this area, I decided to go after a couple of geo caches at the far end of the national park and then come to the hash spot.

All went as planned, the weather was nice and there were some mushrooms waiting to be picked.

This was an easy expedition that started my career as geohasher.

Nebini arrived hour later. There were some footprints around, but I didn't find anything unusual. Cantharellus tubaeformis mushrooms were irresistible.. I forgot to take a picture of myself.

Ribbons Earned[edit]

stebu earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (60, 24) geohash on 2008-10-05.
Hash 5 10 08 2.jpg