2009-01-29 60 24

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Thu 29 Jan 2009 in Helsinki:
60.7677207, 24.7996902

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The location is in Riihimäki, near an industrial area. There is also (presumably) motocross tracks on/near the site.


I've looked at the hash points a few times with interest but now I HAD to go since the coordinates were only 3km from the place I work. I got there by car at approximately 11:10. The site was only 20m from the nearest road and there were a lot of animal tracks on the ground, mainly hare and mouse. Also I noted the quite fresh motocross bike tracks going around the small woods. After closer inspection I suspect that the woods are used for motocross frequently.

Anyway, nice way to spend one's lunch hour, I went after a mystery geocache after this. I found that, also, but never got anything to eat :D


Ribbons Earned[edit]

rixu earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (60, 24) geohash on 2009-01-29.
Geohash 090129-5.jpg