2013-03-02 60 24

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Sat 2 Mar 2013 in 60,24:
60.1726841, 24.9984565

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Between the islands Korkeasaari and Laajasalo, SW from Nimismies



I noticed that today's hash is quite near, only 4.7 km from home.

I packed my wife and skis in the car and drove to Mustikkamaa. From there we continued, skiing towards the hash. (By the way, this was my first time skiing in seven years.) And it was quite painful to keep the balance.

We went to the ice and everything looked fine. After a while there was no snow on the ice, just superb and very slippery skating ice ahead. Anyways, I was determined to reach my first hash and went on just pushing with arms.

Finally I was almost there: the GPS displayed the distance as 54 meters, but some 30-40 meters ahead there was no more ice, just water splashing to the ice. So the point of return was 60.17300, 24.99772.




  • MNB?
  • My kingdom for a boat?