Tammisaari, Finland

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Sunday 2015-11-29 59.7865146, 23.1550080

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Monday 2015-11-30 59.7591672, 23.4626307

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Turku Salo Helsinki
Hanko Tammisaari Tallinn, Estonia
Kuressaare, Estonia Haapsalu, Estonia Pärnu, Estonia

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Today's Location: [Tammisaari]

[edit] About

The Tammisaari graticule is at latitude 59, longitude 23.

On January 1st, 2009 Tammisaari municipality merged with neighbouring Pohja and Karjaa forming a new city of Raasepori. Still, the settlement of Tammisaari remains the largest in this graticule, with Pohja and Karjaa being outside the borders.

Water makes up most of the area in this graticule, which is located in the area where Gulf of Finland joints with Baltic Sea. Hanko peninsula and Tammisaari with its archipelago fall within on Finland's side. Small parts of Lääne and Harju counties on Estonian mainland reach the southern edge.

[edit] Meetups

  • 2010-09-11 Jusu reached the haspoint by the side of the road Jomalvikintie.
  • 2014-08-02 In a forest near the sea. Bysmyyr reached the hashpoint successfully in the air.