2008-08-31 60 24

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Sun 31 Aug 2008 in 60,24:
60.3066130, 24.6090252

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This is another successful geohash in the Helsinki graticule!

The Location[edit]

60.306612, 24.609025. Nuuksio wilderness area. About 25 km from the Helsinki city centre as crow flies and roughly 1,5 km hike from the nearest parking place at the end of Kattilajärventie road. On map it looks like the point is close to the eastern shore of lake Urja - falling just slightly on the wetter side of the shoreline. link.

The Participants[edit]

  • Mikkozzz - Was delighted that the hashpoint ended up to one his favourite hiking areas.
  • Archival ink - Was new to geohashing and dragged along by her hiking mate.
  • Havu - Archival ink's dog who is happy to follow Mikkozzz anywhere knowing his pockets are filled with dog biscuits.

The Expedition and Photos[edit]

We parked the car near a swimming place on the south side of lake Kattilajärvi and took up the walk across rugged terrain towards lake Urja. As map had shown, the hashpoint was in water. About 20 meters from shoreline. Mikkozzz was equipped with a life jacket, but no floating was necessary. All I had to do was to wade in waist deep water. We measured that water temperature was 13°C and air temp 14°C.

Archival ink took most of the photos while Havu was observing our activities with a puzzled expression on her face.

Achievements earned[edit]