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Fri 13 Dec 2013 in 60,24:
60.2359006, 24.8162166

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In Lintuvaara, Espoo. The point lies in an urban area.



Expedition track.

This expedition report consists of transcripts from a certain IRC channel. I've translated the texts from Finnish to English.

"Private area"

20:20 <@Tilley> tomorrow's geohash in Lintuvaara
20:23 <@Tilley> right next to the HOAS apartments
20:31 <@JiK> !
20:31 <@JiK> there in the district limit of Leppävaara?
20:32 <@JiK> that is almost a couch potato then
20:32 <@JiK> have to remember tomorrow
20:38 <@JiK> no, it's there behind Alepa [a grocery store chain]
20:38 <@JiK> hmm, I wonder if I feel up to it
20:56 <@Tilley> you can also go at midnight, that gives you a midnight achievement
20:57 <@Tilley> is there any snow? Hobbit-achievement would be to go barefoot, bearing a ring and you have to stop to eat at least two times.
20:57 <@phleinon> :)
20:58 <@phleinon>Now there's only wet ground, in the morning there was some small icy patches, but they have melted during the day.
21:26 <@Tilley> too bad, there would have been a snowman -achievement also
Day changed pe joulu 13 2013
00:29 <@JiK> that tomorrow's geohash is tempting, but I do not dare to infiltrate that kind of Internet-community
10:01 <@Tilley> JiK: what do you mean by infiltrating? once and a while there are reports in the geohashing-site from people who haven't even made their own profile page, and that is ok. I can even help you to make the report, if you provide the pictures and some description about the trip. On the other hand that wiki is sure easy, you just copy-paste the layout from some former report
10:17 < Ange_> puppet master achievemtns for tilley :
10:18 <@Tilley> of course we can also do like so, that I write the report almost fully, if you provide the pictures. On the other hand, as some people here already know something about hashing, would that be a 'real' puppet master.. But you don't follow the points daily, so it might still be..
15:21 <@Tilley> JiK: were you visiting the point?
15:22 <@JiK> Tilley: not yet
15:22 <@JiK> if I go in the evening and take a photograph with my cell phone, it contains maybe 10 bits of information
15:22 <@Tilley> it doesn't matter
15:22 <@JiK> then I can write the coordinates to the notepad and take a screenshot out of that
15:22 <@Tilley> well, that's kind of...
15:22 <@Tilley> but of course no-gps is valid, if you can find a certain terrain point from a map, and base your visit on that
15:23 <@Tilley> the maps in the karttapaikka [Finnish state mapping authority's service] are accurate. google maps has their aligning a little so and so.
15:23 <@Tilley> but people do use that also, it's not so serious.
15:23 <@JiK> i could upload to sports-tracker a public track from the expedition, i guess that's better proof than the proof-screenshots usually found on the wiki
15:24 <@Tilley> that'd be really great!
15:25 <@Tilley> you can also do a tron-achievement, that means don't cross your own tracks.
15:25 <@JiK> does it cound if I go from home to the hashpoint and from there to the store and stop it there
15:26 <@Tilley> the store is a little..
20:01 <@JiK> Tilley: no luck, http://www.sports-tracker.com/#/workout/jique/70ivk2a7t8ul972i
20:05 <@Tilley> JiK: you mean you did too many circles?
20:05 <@JiK> Tilley: first I ended up going around the whole place, there wasn't any suitable paths. Then I winded up to Kirvisentie, at the end of which in the route I should, at least according to osm, have taken, was this:https://www.dropbox.com/s/tpb62dfte8p0exe/wannabe_gandalf.jpg [the sign says "Private area"]
20:06 <@JiK> (I don't know if that is legally binding, but at least it is a request not to go there, and that kind of requests should be honored, I remember from some geohashing instructions)
20:07 <@Tilley> Look at that! Well, then it's a No Trespassing Consolation Prize. We can get a report out of it anyway.
20:09 <@JiK> in addition to that I visited Alepa en route (I paused at 22:19), there I accidentally walked past the right shelf so I had to fail the tron
20:10 <@ankka> :D
20:11 <@Tilley> JiK: is you camera really that bad?
20:12 <@JiK> a cell phone
20:13 <@Tilley> there really aren't many bits in that
20:13 <@JiK> you can easily see, that I have two screens, and on first you cannot make anything out of it, but on the second that is easily readable :)
20:14 <@JiK> according to bing, the point is right in that area (or beside it in someone's yard): http://dy.fi/abw
20:16 <@JiK> I don't have a flashlight, you see
20:21 <@JiK> in the streetview there is also a picture from that point, you can see all the way into the yard
20:21 <@JiK> but not directly into the point
JiK earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (60, 24) geohash on 2013-12-13.
2013-12-13 60 24 Wannabe gandalf.jpg