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2008-07-05 60 24

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Sat 5 Jul 2008 in 60,24:
60.1083323, 24.6337282

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[edit] The Destination

The original meetup spot was on the roof of a old warehouse in Munkkisaari, but due to fencing and trespassing a alternate location was added on nearby pier. The original spot was almost reached by Spaceball by climbing over the fence, but fear of hight and a sense of self preservation took over when I started climing the ladder. The alternate spot was more pleasant in the sunny weather but unfortunately no other geohashers were identified, although a buch of cars parked by the pier but no verbal contact was made between any group (if you were there please report). No one tried to approach one another as everyone seemed to casually happen to come to the location to watch the sea, a lot of cars came and went (mostly older people) both before and after the meetup time of 14:00.

[edit] Pictures