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Today's Geohash: Crestview, FL]

The Crestview, FL graticule is located at latitude 30 N, longitude 86 W.

PLEASE be respectful of the land use regulations! Large sections of Eglin Air Force Base are off limits to the public and the rest of the Eglin ranges are open only to people who have permits to go onto them. A permit may be purchased at Jackson Guard, State Highway 85, Niceville, Florida for $12 and is good through September 30. If you trespass on the Eglin ranges without a permit, you will (1) get yourself a ticket, (2) make life more difficult for other geohashers who have permits, and (3) possibly trip over an unexploded bomb and blow yourself up.

Out of respect for our geohashers who work from 7:30 to 4:30 on a regular basis, the default meet-up time for this graticule is moved to 5:00 PM from the customary 4:00 PM.

Meetup Locations[edit]

Thursday 01 April - Looks very easy at first. On a civilized part of Eglin Air Force Base ... except that a closer look reveals that it is between two operating runways on an active Air Force flightline. The Security Police do not like suspicious people--by which I mean "people"--hanging around there.

Wednesday 05 May - Another "so near and yet so far." Anybody who lives in the Fort Walton Beach area and works at Eglin in the development section probably drove right past the meet-up location, and anybody taking off or landing on a commercial flight came within a few hundred feet of it. But to get out and meet there? It helps if you like to kiss concrete and want to spend the next part of your life answering questions from the Air Force Security Police. Not for me.

Tuesday 11 May - Looks very easy just off of Mare Creek Road near Mossy Head.

Saturday 17 July - Today's meetup is just west of SR 85 on the Eglin range, just north of the northern SR 123 junction. It looks eminently reachable for those with Eglin permits. Liberian will try to make it, although it will probably be much earlier than 5:00.

Sunday 18 July - Today's meetup is west of SR 285 on the Eglin range, in an open area and only a hundred feet from the nearest trail. It looks eminently reachable for those with Eglin permits. Liberian will try to make it.

Sunday 24 July - Today's meetup is east and slightly south of Duke Field, on an open part of the Eglin range. Liberian will try to make it, although it may be considerably earlier than the usual meetup time due to scheduling constraints.

Sunday 12 December - Today's meetup is on the corner of Reeves Drive and Scott Lane in metropolitan Fort Walton Beach. Liberian plans to be there.

Notable Dates[edit]

February 2009 - Crestview tied Seattle WA as the WORLDS second most successful graticule, beaten only by Atlanta GA

2008-06-29 - The first (that I know of) successful geohash trip in this graticule.

powertool & Liberian earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (30, -86) graticule, here, on 2008-06-29.


  • Arrow2.png 2018-05-21 Mon - Did not attempt - Curse of Unawareness. It was in the parking lot of a business just off a main highway. Liberian went by two days later to attempt the "Day Late and a Dollar Short" award, even though it was more than one day.
  • Arrow2.png 2017-04-16 Sun - Successful - In Rosemary Beach, by the side of Wall Street just north of Highway 98. Liberian and Cashew were on their way to Panama City Beach and stopped by.
  • Arrow2.png 2012-02-20 Mon - Successful - On the Eglin range, up about a mile from the Timberlake hiking trails and campground, about half a mile beyond the sprayfield, about a hundred feet off a sand road under some power lines. Liberian made the easy hike.
  • Arrow2.png 2011-10-09 Sat - Successful - In Santa Rosa Sound, about 30 feet offshore of St. Simon's on the Sound Episcopal Church. Liberian and Yankee put a kayak in at Liza Jackson Park and against a stiff headwind made it to the meetup point. Going back was much easier.
  • Arrow2.png 2011-08-13 Sat - Successful - About an eighth of a mile north of Bob Sikes Road on the Eglin Reservation, just east of the Landing Zone there. Liberian was in the area with the Florida Trail Association (a worthy group if ever there was one) and stepped out between the hike and the lunch to make it to the meet-up location.
  • Arrow2.png 2011-07-04 Mon - Successful - Some tens of feet west of FIM Boulevard in Fort Walton Beach Liberian made it with a non-geohasher (yet) friend
  • Arrow2.png 2011-06-18 Sat - Moderately Successful - 200 feet southwest of Channel Marker 47 in Santa Rosa Sound Liberian made it the next day, earning the "Day Late and a Dollar Short" award
  • Arrow2.png 2011-05-28 Sat - Successful - 180 feet into relatively open terrain (after you got through the first ten feet or so) on Eglin reservation south of Bob Sikes Road, several miles east of Highway 285 Liberian
  • Arrow2.png 2011-02-05 Sat - Successful - 420 feet into relatively open terrain on Eglin reservation east of Highway 285 Liberian
  • Arrow2.png 2011-01-16 Sun - Successful - In a vacant lot in Navarre Liberian
  • Arrow2.png 2010-12-12 Sun - Successful - At the corner of Reeves Drive and Scott Lane in uptown Fort Walton Beach Liberian and Yankee
  • Arrow2.png 2010-11-24 Wed - Successful - Northbound on Eglin Boulevard, between Shalimar and the West Gate of Eglin AFB Bos, Liberian and Yankee
  • Arrow4.png 2010-09-24 Sun - Failed - No Trespassing - In the backyard of a homeowner. Would have been nice to get the walk ribbon Powertool

  • Arrow2.png 2009-07-01 Wed - Successful - In northern Eglin recreation area, south of Crestview. By Six Little Spookies.
  • Arrow2.png 2009-06-21 Sun - Successful meetup in open woods NE of Freeport by PowerTool and Bos.
  • Arrow2.png 2009-05-30 Sat - Successful and easy meetup on trashy dirt road - PowerTool, Bos and abductee Christine
  • Arrow2.png 2009-05-24 Sun - Successful and easy roadside meetup - PowerTool & Bos
  • Arrow2.png 2009-04-05 Sun - Successful and less bloody than last one - PowerTool, Bos & B4work
  • Arrow2.png 2009-03-21 Sat - Successful if a bit bloody - PowerTool, Bos & Liberian
  • Arrow2.png 2009-02-26 Thu - Very Successful - Amazing story - Bos
  • Arrow2.png 2009-02-24 Tue - Successful - Bos
  • Arrow2.png 2009-02-21 Sat - Successful - Eduman
  • Arrow2.png 2009-02-16 Mon - Successful - Power Tool & Liberian

Local Geohashers[edit]

Cities in this Graticule[edit]

  • Crestview, FL
  • DeFuniak Springs, FL
  • Destin, FL
  • Most of Eglin Air Force Base, FL
  • Hurlburt Field, FL
  • Fort Walton Beach, FL
  • Freeport, FL
  • Laurel Hill, FL
  • Navarre, FL
  • Niceville and Valparaiso, FL