2017-04-16 30 -86

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Sun 16 Apr 2017 in 30,-86:
30.2821751, -86.0080211

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The east side of Wall Street in Rosemary Beach, a few blocks north of Highway 98



Liberian and Cashew were planning to have Easter dinner at a restaurant in Pier Park, near Panama City, and Liberian noticed that the Easter Sunday meet-up location was just a few blocks off the route there and was directly on the side of the road.


Liberian drove while Cashew gave directions. When they got to the location, Liberian got out and took his cell phone (with the geohashing application on it) and walked the remaining tens of feet to the actual location. He made the requisite pavement writing and took a couple of pictures.

2017-04-16 30 -86 GeohashPicture LongerView.jpg 2017-04-16 30 -86 GeohashPicture Detail.jpg


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