2008-10-12 30 -86

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Sun 12 Oct 2008 in Crestview, FL, USA:
30.4999564, -86.3972475

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Copied from graticule page

10/12/08 - Today's location was on the Eglin range, just east of Niceville, about half a mile north of Range Road and a thousand feet west of the nearest sand road. Liberian made the trek, arriving successfully right at 4:00. It was cloudy and the ground, while quite open for forest around here, was sloping in various directions towards a winding creek nearby. Liberian got a tremendous opportunity to see just how easy it is to get turned around in the woods without a well-defined trail. He also learned first-hand what a great invention the GPS is. On the way out he picked up a couple of beer cans (one so old its pop-top was of the detachable sort!), a koozie, and a propane tank. On the way home he searched for a couple of geocaches but came up empty.