2009-07-05 30 -86

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Sun 5 Jul 2009 in Crestview:
30.6482338, -86.0167654

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In the continuing saga of the unsuccessful attempt for Liberian to get a Multihash award, our (hero? fool? geohasher!) got on I-10 at Milton in the neighboring Pensacola graticule and headed east. (He didn't get to the Pensacola meetup location either.) Reaching DeFuniak Springs, he turned south and then east along a dirt road through Eucheeanna to the meet-up location.

Alas! The meetup location was 250 feet into thick underbrush from the highway, with a big "No Trespassing" sign posted at the point of closest approach. Going up the road a few hundred feet Liberian found the overgrown remains of what used to be a dirt track ... with no signs telling him to keep out. Parking his car, Liberian walked down the overgrown track, thanking God that he had had the foresight to wear long pants, and went about 350 feet. At that point he was fifty-something feet from the location, but the brush on that side of the track was simply impenetrable.

Some people count coming within 150 feet as "getting there," but Liberian is not one of them. This counts as an Unsuccessful Attempt.