2009-02-24 30 -86

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Tue 24 Feb 2009 in Crestview:
30.9316604, -86.7995741

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Bos made it to the appointed place an hour early and remained until about 16:05 CST.

This one was as easy as our last Sunday 2009-02-22 30 -85 attempt was difficult. I anticipated a possible hike of 1.5 miles but was pleasantly surprised to find graded roads in fair condition to within 100 meters of the target. As I approached within a mile I saw smoke reminiscent of air strikes I'd seen in Vietnam. I discovered it was controlled burning of the longleaf pine forest, some still smoldering at ground zero. One mature tree with green needles still near the top, probably damaged by wind or lightning, was felled by the fire. That and and the occasional Velociraptor attack ;-) were the biggest impediments. I emerged really dirty but uninjured.

Arrived at ground zero about 15:00 but did not remain long due to lots of charcoaled vegetation and scorched earth. Retreated to potato wagon parked within sight to await other adventurers. While waiting I enjoyed a nice picnic, a one mile walking inspection of the area, and some trash pickup. I was pleased to see squirrels and tracks of deer, raccoons and birds. Later I tracked horses shod with iron to two mounted equestrians. I was pleased to see the animals made it through the fire. Hunting season is over now so no worries about flying bullets this trip.

Actually, hunting season is STILL open for Black Powder hunting. Keep your head low Bos. B4WORK