2008-09-01 30 -86

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Mon 1 Sep 2008 in Crestview, FL, USA:
30.6360098, -86.0640611

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Copied from graticule page

9/1/08 - While both weekend locations were out on the water, Monday's location was not! And Monday was a holiday. Not letting minor distractions like Hurricane Gustav (there was still wind, but there was no rain while they were out there) get in the way, Power Tool and Liberian headed east for the meet-up point. They were hoping for a visitor from another graticule, but he didn't show up ... at least they didn't see him. They went down Highway 331 to the side road, went along the side road to an appropriate track, and there on the track was a sign: "WARNING: Persons apprehended on this property are subject to confiscation of vehicles, firearms, personal property, arrest, and a charge of criminal trespassing." They looked at each other and one of them said, "He sounds like he means it." They turned around and sought another way to the meet-up point. A good fraction of a mile back along the road was another way that looked promising and had no "No Trespassing" signs. In they went, to find themselves in a trackless forest following a game trail. They slogged faithfully along, until around 4:15 PM they came to a stream blocking their path. One turned to the other and said, "You realize that after we finish getting in, we will have to get out." They decided to declare failure and turn around. Sunt lacrimae rero.