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2010-02-04 30 -86

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Thu 4 Feb 2010 in 30,-86:
30.4465739, -86.6178369

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[edit] Location

Paradise Paper's parking lot

[edit] Participants

  • Liberian

[edit] Plans


[edit] Expedition

From the Graticule Talk page:

It was a dark and stormy night, but this was a meet-up location of the sort that people wait years for. It was well within the city limits of the greater Fort Walton Beach metropolitan area--no Eglin range hiking here--and only some tens of feet from the road, in a business' parking lot. (I wonder if any representatives of Paradise Paper will ever read this ...)

Liberian got home around 9:30 PM, promptly looked up the meet-up location, and then dropped everything and headed out to it.

He got there at 10:00 PM, dodging rain squalls, and took a few photographs. They're pretty nondescript, what with the dark and the storm. But this was a metropolitan meet-up location and was not to be missed.