2008-08-10 30 -86

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Sun 10 Aug 2008 in Crestview:
30.7371241, -86.7374328

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Today's meetup location was in the Blackwater State Forest, on a back road north of Holt.


The Not-So-Wild Bunch, made up of Natural Beauty, Power Tool, Kitsune, and Liberian drove up to the Bone Creek Recreation Area and parked. Unfortunately Liberian had forgotten the detailed maps and so the NSWB took off in a more-or-less straight line towards the meetup location. After a quarter of a mile of winding in and out of forest, we made it to the appropriate point and took some pictures. (When Liberian gets his act together, he will get pictures of everybody present, along with something showing the latitude and longitude and date and time. And he won't hold his finger over the latitude readout of the GPS unit.) We then walked out along the road--a much easier route than the way in. On the way up we visited a geocache; on the way home we visited four more.