2009-02-26 30 -86

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Thu 26 Feb 2009 in Crestview:
30.6733443, -86.8524316

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Planning by User:Bos[edit]

Checked today's location this AM over coffee

  • Looks like reachable area but private property
  • Maybe I can meet interesting owners and corrupt them to Geohashing
  • Hmmmm that north-south cleared area looks like an airplane runway
    • My old Air Force buddy, Clay's airport is somewhere near there
    • Visited there many times - by land and air
    • Not possible - odds too remote
      • I make odds about 92,615 to one, against
      • i.e. statistically, should happen again in late summer of the year 2262
    • Hanger NW end - house south - his dad, JR's (famous WW II pilot) house next - JR's hanger next
    • Realization : That's Clay's airport - 2400 feet - sod

Sent email to local geohashers advising details of possible rewarding expedition

Knocked out quick email to Clay requesting visit

  • No answer - turns out Clay had jury duty today
  • Since I know Clay well, decided take a chance
    • Put out the word here advising of 1630-1645 meet at the airport boundary and phoned Clay
    • Got JR's wife, Clay's mom (also famous aviatrix) on phone, 20 minutes out
    • Clay and JR were there preparing to test hop a the double winger
    • Needed my help

Execution - After action report[edit]

Very successful and rewarding expedition by Bos solo

  • Arrived 1629 CST
  • Found Clay and JR at south hanger, just north of the meet site
    • Preparing plane for flight - Many vintage aircraft here - All tail draggers
    • But too gusty - discretion says save it for another day
  • Explanation of today's mission received cordially
    • Clay and JR inspected satellite imagery enthusiastically
      • Recognized it immediately - I told them where to download much better copy
    • Took the airport Cushman transportation maybe 80 meters south to the meeting point
    • Found the point by reference to the satellite picture - sixth row east - 16th tree south
    • Fired up GPS to learn the point was some 2 meters southwest (WNL)
    • Parked Cushman there for photo-op

Then we repaired to Duck Clubhouse in north hanger

  • Sat on balcony overlooking the runway with Clay and friend Dave discussing many wonders
    • Over Pepsis while watching a pretty sunset until we were driven inside by the chilly (not cold) air
    • Contemplated answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything (42)
    • Old sport flying pastime of throwing a dart at a map and flying to that point, just for the fun of it
      • Similarity to Geohashing's electronic dart is compelling
    • Clay's superlative military career - Bos less stellar military career
    • The day we flew our AC130 over the Capitol Building, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in the 1991 Desert Storm parade.
    • Model rocketry
    • Other stuff too tawdry to mention

Clay suggested I take up sport aviation again since no one seems to want to pay me to fly this year

  • My greatest fear: Someone will find out how much I love my job and charge me to do it instead of paying me.
  • Now I may be reduced to that
  • Perhaps one day soon will do an Aerohash

As I was preparing to leave a red pickup truck rolled in

  • Thought it might be a fellow hasher - but alas it was frozen meat peddler (no one bought)

Departure further delayed by search for missing GPSr - finally found on fender of tractor in JR's south hanger

Finally departed 1810 for easily successful attack on 2009-02-26 30 -87

  • With admonition for Clay to look out for Geohashers and invitation for me to return soon and often

I'm gonna count this one as successful

  • Broken hearted this wasn't a weekend - We'd probably have had half the citizens of northwest FL there

Ambassador Bos submits