2009-02-16 30 -86

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Mon 16 Feb 2009 in Crestview, FL, USA:
30.6379620, -86.5620304

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Copied from graticule page

2009-02-16 30 -86 (Prediction) Today's location is on an open (not forbidden) area of the Eglin Range. Liberian and Power Tool plan to be there at 5:00.

[The Event] Power Tool and Liberian met in Niceville and drove north towards the meet-up point. They turned off 85 onto the clay road and drove towards the setting sun for a fraction of a mile. Where the main clay road turned off towards the left they got out and walked the rest of the way. Interestingly, although the Eglin range map shows the entire area as being open, the south side of the road had signs posted saying no entry. Fortunately the meet-up location was on the north side of the road. Bos wanted to make it for his inaugural geohash but couldn't get away soon enough. Power Tool and Liberian hung around a bit, took a few photos, and then went off to recover benchmark PT39 RM 2.