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2010-05-30 30 -86

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Sun 30 May 2010 in 30,-86:
30.7345936, -86.3636490

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[edit] Location

Mossy Head?

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans


[edit] Expedition

From the Graticule Talk (!?!) page:

Bos and Liberian met in Niceville and headed out towards Mossy Head for the meet-up location. Google Maps showed a relatively open wooded area north of I-10 and south of US 90. Unfortunately Google Maps is rather out of date; the place has been taken over by a sand mining company with very eloquent "No Trespassing" signs. They decided not to trespass.

They did, however, take in an easy geocache on the way out and two relatively easy survey benchmarks on the way back. (We will pass in silence over the four other benchmarks which they did not find.)

[edit] Achievements