2008-07-13 30 -86

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Sun 13 Jul 2008 in Crestview:
30.4962415, -86.2719690

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Today's destination appears to be quite easily reachable. Liberian will try to be there at 4:00 PM.


Liberian made the trip out Highway 20 to the nearest Eglin range road that led in the right direction. Around 4:00 the heavens opened and the rain poured down, with much thunder and lightning. "Quite easily reachable" was in terms of being on legally-accessible land, not being out in the Gulf, and not being too far from the road. Unfortunately, what Google Maps said was 1000 feet of mostly-open terrain turned out to be a third of a mile of scrub woods of varying thickness. Part of the route had been recently burned and so the underbrush was more open. Even so, Liberian was only able to get within about 150 feet of the location before turning back. On the way back he picked up a few old survey benchmarks (one of them at the entrance to the range road).