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Easy and successful roadside expedition in the Crestview, Florida graticule. Sadly attended only by Powertool and Bos.

Sun 24 May 2009 in Crestview:
30.7976355, -86.3838622

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Upon Friday morning's publication of the location Bos noted high probability of a successful meetup on the rural road a few miles east of Dorcas, FL - and a few more miles east of last March's bloody but successful meetup by Liberian, Powertool and Bos. Bos put notice of this opportunity on the the Crestview hash page and forgot about it until he got email from Powertool proposing a meet.

Bos put out the word on the local geocaching network of a 1600 CDT meet at the customary marshaling point (Tropical Smoothie in Niceville) for carpool to a 1700 meet at the published geohash point.

Expedition Report[edit]

By Bos[edit]

Rendezvoused as planned and headed north to pick up a geocache enroute to the hash. Trip impeded by rain soaked clay road eroded by recent heavy rains but we prevailed. Arrived at hash point just one or two minutes late. Was pleasant surprise to see the road had been paved since the date of Google Maps imagery. Blew through the point to find suitable roadside parking a couple hundred meters beyond. Walked back for some photo documentation and the obligatory xkcd notice. Waited around hoping in vain for arrival of other revelers.

Walked back to parked Potato Wagon to enjoy some iced tea and pretzels before proceeding to investigate the condition of some National Geodetic Survey (NGS) benchmarks and a couple more geocaches including a really fun night cache in the woods. Had nice conversation with a lady school bus driver and her husband who wondered what we were doing. Good expedition but we missed the Liberian.