2010-07-17 30 -86

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Sat 17 Jul 2010 in 30,-86:
30.5687441, -86.5352076

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Eglin Reservation


  • Liberian




From the Graticule discussion page (Instead of an expedition report, where it should have been)

Today's meetup location was in a part of the Eglin reservation open to the public--permit required, but Liberian has his--about a third of a mile from the main road and maybe a thousand feet from the nearest range road. Liberian, having some rather serious time constraints later in the day, showed up at 11:30 AM for an attempt.

Google maps shows fairly open range between the nearest road and the location, at least until the last hundred feet or so. Unfortunately for Liberian, he approached the spot from the southeast and ran into thick brush about 300 feet away. Between nearly impenetrable brush (it was a creek bottom) and squirrely GPS reception, that last 300 feet took him half a mile and most of an hour. He got to within about sixty feet before giving up. He counted sixteen scratches on his right knee afterwards.

Better luck tomorrow.


Maybe someday