2011-01-16 30 -86

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Sun 16 Jan 2011 in 30,-86:
30.4094994, -86.8520626

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Near Navarre


  • Liberian




This was rather easy as these things go. Liberian went to church at 8:00--his church was only about ten minutes from the meet-up location--and after church drove the rest of the way to Navarre.

Finding the correct road to turn up was quite simple; finding the entry to the vacant lot was equally simple. He changed shoes and walked the thousand feet or so to the location. Most the trees that Google Maps shows have been cut down and the sand roads have been rearranged.

As such, the meet-up location wasn't right next to the sand road but instead was some tens of feet away. But the terrain was trivial.

Liberian drew the "XKCD" and the date in the sand but the meet-up wasn't really worth a Gator-Aid.


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