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2010-07-18 30 -86

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Sun 18 Jul 2010 in 30,-86:
30.5965541, -86.4474678

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[edit] Location

Eglin Reservation

[edit] Participants

  • Liberian

[edit] Plans


[edit] Expedition

From the Graticule discussion page (Instead of an expedition report, where it should have been)

Today's meetup location was in another part of the Eglin reservation open to the public--again, permit required, but Liberian still has his. And a good thing he does: as he was finishing his loading up from the car to start walking, who should drive up but a couple of Eglin security police! "Do you have your range pass?" "Yes, sir, right here it is." A bit more back-and-forth with a short explanation of geohashing and Liberian was on his way. Range roads and trails, marked and unmarked, got him within a hundred feet of the meetup, and the rest was open forest. There may have been a fire through there a few years ago. Liberian was an hour late, but nobody else had been by: there were several dozen intact spider webs stretched across the trails. Liberian got there without further incident, made the "XKCD" mark on the ground, took a couple of photos, and drank the celebratory Gator-Ade.

[edit] Photos

Maybe someday

[edit] Achievements