2009-12-27 30 -86

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Sun 27 Dec 2009 in 30,-86:
30.6419810, -86.4083750

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It was just over a quarter-mile off State Highway 285 on an open area of the Eglin Reservation, up a sand road, and then ten feet to the side into light brush.

Today's location pretty much dropped into our laps.


  • Bos
  • Rece
  • Natural Beauty
  • Ray-Gun
  • Liberian


There were some, I assume.


From the Graticule (talk) page:

The intrepid crew, consisting of Bos, Rece, Natural Beauty, Ray-Gun, and Liberian congregated at 4:30 in Niceville at a preliminary meeting point 10.1 miles from the official meet-up point and piled into Bos' van. (Many thanks, Bos.) They headed up Highway 285 until they came to the side road and then took the packed dirt road instead of the sand road. The entrance to the sand road was blocked, after all. After driving half a mile up the dirt road and recognizing that they had passed the point, Bos turned the van around and parked it at the entrance to the sand road. The intrepid crew stepped over the cable blocking the sand road to vehicle traffic and started the walk. I really can't dignify the excursion with the term "hike." Just over a quarter-mile later they came to the intersection of two sand roads where the meet-up point fell and found ... three pick-up trucks parked there. Evidently there is a way to drive in; they just didn't find it. After taking various photographs to prove that they were at the right place at the right time, Liberian broke out some brownies and they all celebrated. The western sky was gorgeous; sunset had happened about a half-hour earlier.