2009-06-21 30 -86

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Sun 21 Jun 2009 in Crestview:
30.4907867, -86.0213773

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Northeast of Freeport


Location looks possible in relatively open pine woods northeast of Freeport but possible dense brush to impede progress.


Good expedition northeast of Freeport, in the Crestview, Florida graticule attended only by Powertool and the Bos. Initially encountered some No Trespassing signs on south approach but Powertool ordered a flanking attack from the west which was successful beyond our wildest dreams but again we missed the Liberian's leadership.

By Powertool[edit]


By Bos[edit]

Commented out report:

Rendezvoused at customary rally point, Niceville Tropical Smoothie, as planned. Met Christine there and dragged her along for the geohash. As has become customary, stopped to plunder a geocache on the way. Christine spotted the cache while Bos and Powertool were obsessing over the GPS which insisted we go farther east. Arrived to find the dirt trail to the hash open and easily drivable. Reached the hash site just a few minutes late to be greeted by no hashers but a good bit of trash. No wonder owners around here fence, gate and post their land. Hauled out a monster bag of trash but left a good bit so late arriving geohashers would not feel cheated, besides there was way too much for the potato wagon to haul out. Scratched the usual xkcd sign in the clay and pressed on to another benchmark recovery mission.

Good expedition. Completed this time without bleeding at all. Enjoyed by all including Christine but we missed the Liberian.


Were marked pending, but it has been a long time...