2008-10-04 30 -86

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Sat 4 Oct 2008 in Crestview, FL, USA:
30.4091331, -86.7639894

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Copied from graticule page

10/4/08 - Today's location was on land, eminently reachable, and quite near town. Natural Beauty was not able to make it, but Liberian and Power Tool made the trip and found the place. They were actually a little early, and while it was not clear whether the location itself was on private property, it was right next to somebody's yard and they decided not to park right there. They parked a short distance off and walked in. After a couple of photographs in an effort to document the event, Liberian broke out a bottle of sparkling grape juice (they had to drive afterwards, after all) and the two of them toasted a successful geo-hash. They found a couple of geocaches on the way home.