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Wednesday 2019-07-17 47.0882427, 11.7119193

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Thursday 2019-07-18 47.9368482, 11.9389790

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Augsburg, Germany München, Germany Landshut, Germany
Kempten, Germany Innsbruck Rosenheim, Germany
Livigno, Italy Trento, Italy Belluno, Italy

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The Innsbruck graticule is at latitude 47, longitude 11. About half of the graticule is in Tyrol, Austria, the other half in Bavaria, Germany. On the Austrian side, it includes the city of Innsbruck, parts of the Inntal, the Wipptal valley to the Italian Border. On the Bavarian side, it includes the town of Bad Tölz. There is also a small Italian corner. At the moment (08-2013), the Innsbruck graticule seems to be the only active one in Austria.

Saturday Meetup time is 1pm[edit]

The official Saturday meetup time for the Innsbruck graticule 47 11 is 1pm instead of 4pm. The alps cover large parts of this graticule. For an alpine tour however, it is mostly a bad idea to start late and to be only half way through by 4pm. Depending on the time of the year, the weather and the area it can even be outright dangerous. The shift to 1pm has been made to encourage people to attend Saturday meetups while still planning their tours responsibly. For details and comments, please visit the section in the discussion page.


Geohashers in this area include:


According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

48.75%  Forests
26.30%  Fields
18.77%  High mountains (above timberline)
2.17%   Water
1.75%   Settlements
1.19%   Roads
0.82%   Natural reserves
0.13%   Golf course
0.13%   Highways


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Hashpoint Visits[edit]

This is an automated list of all expiditions in this graticule (powered by Aperfectbot). It is more complete than the old manually maintained list, which is archived here.

Date Participants Description Result
Arrow4.png 2019-05-30 Solli Somewhere Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2019-04-19 Claralucia9 In lake Achensee just off the beach from a small marina. Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2018-12-31 Claralucia9 A meadow close to Altkirchen, South of Munich Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2018-12-15 Danatar in at the edge of the Hofoldinger Forst forest south of Munich, near th... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2018-10-06 Claralucia9 In a field between Sauerlach and Otterfing, south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2018-09-01 1-0, Karioke Neustift im Stubaital near Obere Bacherwandalm Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2018-08-10 Claralucia9 In a meadow in Kleinkarolinenfeld, close to Aying, south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2018-03-31 Claralucia9 Close to the A12 motorway in the area of the community of Pirchat Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2018-02-19 Claralucia9 Lochhofen, Sauerlach, south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2018-01-16 Claralucia9 On a forest road between Faistenhaar and Aying, south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2017-12-30 Claralucia9 on a hill between Dietramszell and Geretsried, south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2017-12-15 EoGL A field in Feldafing, Starnberg District, Bavaria. Luckily, it’s not access... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-11-26 TheOneRing on a meadow near Raisting. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2017-06-08 Claralucia9 In a forest close to Sauerlach south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2017-04-29 Claralucia9 Close to the roadside just outside of Kleinhatpenning, south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2017-03-29 Claralucia9 Next to the train station in Sauerlach, South of Munich Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2017-02-08 Rincewind In Zillertal, Austria, somewhere at the end of route B169 leading through t... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-01-29 Claralucia9 In a forest close to Aying south of Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2016-10-30 TheOneRing in a forest near Ebenhausen. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2016-10-19 TheOneRing on the shore of Lake Starnberg. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2016-02-13 TheOneRing in a forest near Benediktbeuern. Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2016-02-08 TheOneRing next to a barn near Weilheim. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-11-08 TheOneRing on a meadow between Raisting and Pähl. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-10-11 TheOneRing on a meadow near Weilheim. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-10-03 TheOneRing in a forest near Straßlach. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2015-07-28 TheOneRing on a meadow near Tutzing. Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2015-07-19 TheOneRing in the city of Mittenwald. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-07-02 hans, Juja, the usual ninja About 200 meters away from a forest road between Krün (Finzalm) and Garmisc... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-05-25 TheOneRing on a meadow near Deining. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-04-25 TheOneRing in a forest near Raisting. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-01-18 TheOneRing next to the river Inn, in the city of Innsbruck (AUT) near the Westbahnhof ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-11-29 TheOneRing in a forest near the Erdfunkstelle Raisting (sorry, only in German). Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-09-16 LeslieHapablap, GuyIncognito A meadow near Wattens. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-08-03 TheOneRing on or next to the street between Maisting and Starnberg. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-07-26 TheOneRing next to the street between Penzberg and Bichl. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-07-13 Waltraud, GuyIncognito, LeslieHapablap The Roßkopf summit (30 m from the peak). Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-07-04 Waltraud, LeslieHapablap Schlögelsbach near Innsbruck. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-06-09 LeslieHapablap At a forest road near Grinzens. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-28 OwlOnAWheel, 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud On a mountain bike downhill trail, directly beneath the Hungerburg cable ca... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-26 Waltraud, 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, OwlOnAWheel, GuyIncognito, LeslieHapablap Innsbruck Pradl, in front of a church. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-25 Waltraud, LeslieHapablap In a forest near Telfs, close to the river Inn. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-24 Waltraud, LeslieHapablap Above Schwaz near Proxnalm. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-18 Waltraud, LeslieHapablap At a tennis club near Axams. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-01 QuarterCacher, M Somewhere Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-04-16 Waltraud, LeslieHapablap, 1-0 On a field near Thaur, a few kilometers from Innsbruck. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-03-30 TheOneRing in a forest between Huglfing and Westenried. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-01-09 OwlOnAWheel, FlairTending, Waltraud, 1-0, UpsideDown, LeslieHapablap On a field a little west of Innsbruck, between motorway and Inn. Again, too... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-12-03 UpsideDown, Waltraud, 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, RunningSushi, OwlOnAWheel, LeslieHapablap The driveway of some very fancy houses at Hungerburg, Innsbruck. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-10-26 Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap Inntal above Pettnau, 1100m altitude, 50m off from a hiking trail. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-10-24 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud Natters near Innsbruck, Sonnenburg-Brennerstraße. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-09-14 Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap Navis valley, near Mislalm. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-08-24 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud Stubaital, near Mischbachalm. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-22 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud Near Stallenalm, Karwendel. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-14 1-0, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud On a picnic area of the Inntal-freeway. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-08 Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap Innsbruck, near Hungerburg-Bahn valley station, conveniently located next t... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-05 Zertrin Next to the S-Bahn rail-tracks in the Deisenhofener Forest, 15 km south of ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-05-01 Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap Woods near Grainau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-04-28 Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap On a meadow in the middle of the village Thaur, opposite to the priest's of... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-02-28 Zertrin, vermouthandgin Next to the Isar canal, close to Kloster Schäftlarn, 15 km south of Munich.... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-11-06 Rogenheck In the middle of the city of Wolfratshausen, unfortunately on private groun... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow4.png 2012-08-04 QuarterCacher Somewhere Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2012-08-03 QuarterCacher Somewhere Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-08-02 QuarterCacher, M, Ricki Somewhere Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-03-17 Locationmaster, DerFlob, Scherzkeks, The T-Man In a small forest at the shore of the Ammersee lake, between Utting and Die... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-03-01 The T-Man In a small forest near Gmund, Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany. Well, they alway... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-08-23 Robert Somewhere in between Geretsried and Dietramszell Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-05-23 Robert In a forest near Andechs Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-04-30 Robert, Ekorren On a meadow or field near Bad Kohlgrub. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-04-28 Robert In a field near Aying Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-10-27 Wade, Robyn in a field south of Unhof, near the Ammersee Lake. (Yes, we know that Ammer... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2010-06-26 dawidi I got up at 4:00 and left home at 6:50 for the central station. After chang... Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2010-05-16 zb NW of Aying, close to the RR Crossing of the S-Bahn and road St 2070 and ne... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-04-05 zb South of Tutzing, very close to the railroad tracks from Tutzing to Kochel.... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-03-13 The T-Man, DerFlob This Saturday's hash was on a hill near the village of Großhartpenning in s... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2010-01-31 Danatar in a snow-covered field or meadow near Schlitters in the Zillertal, not far... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2009-12-30 zb In a forest approx. 250 m NW of the edge of the little lake Aufhofener We... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-06-26 prijks In the forest near Dürrnhaar. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-05-21 dawidi I got up at 4:00, left home at 6:15, and arrived at the central station in ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-04-05 Baerenfell Just at the point where a path went into the forest near Aumühle. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-02-21 Harleydavidsonandy On a path along the high-way, north-east of Bach. Link to the location Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2009-02-06 Harleydavidsonandy was very close to the A8 north of Holzkirchen in the middle of the woods. D... Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2008-11-09 Umeier was located inside swampy grassland in the forest near Ambach at Lake Starn... Succeeded


Umeier earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (47, 11) graticule, here, on 2008-11-09.