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Thu 2 Jul 2015 in 47,11:
47.5298621, 11.1727808

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About 200 meters away from a forest road between Krün (Finzalm) and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria.


  • Juja, Hans and the usual Ninja


We have just been on vacation in the very South of Bavaria, changing locations every few days, and since a lot of points just aren't accessible in the Alps this one was very lucky: at about 12km distance from our current home and not very far from a forest road, steep uphill but at least not vertical or too rocky but over a meadow and through a bit of forest. This could be done and the weather was fine, so we did it!

We arrived in Wallgau in the afternoon, it was pretty hot but still we mounted our bikes and started cycling up to Finzalm, on the North-Eastern side of Finzbachklamm (Finzbach gorge). There were a lot of cows but we made our way through until we finally saw the Finzbach (creek) and the Ninja decided to stay near the cold water and let me do the rest of the way by myself, as it got even steeper and his bike was not really perfect for the slippery gravel path. So I made it to the Hashmeadow alone, the walk was pretty steep but beautiful, a stag greeted me in the forest near the point and I also found all kinds of interesting orchids. Then I also enjoyed the cold creek water with the Ninja before we cycled back down on another way with great views. This was lovely!


Cycling with view.  
This is orchid land!  
Hans in the Finzbach creek bed.  
Cow inspecting my bike.  
Less interested cows.  
Blossoming cotton grass.  
The point is somewhere up there.  
...in a pretty steep forest.  
Point reached!  
This is not dead but a bird's-nest orchid.  
Cows with a view.  
Dead wood with view.  
Ninja cycling home.